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mornings to talk about the wind energy industry and the importance of the trucks tax credit. but before -- and the importance of the production tax credit. before i begin i'd like to associate myself with the majority leader's remarks. we do need to extend the tax cuts for the middle class as soon as possible. that's clearly the message the american people sent on november 6 in the nationwide election that we had. i also want to respond to the comments and the conversation between the two leaders over the debt ceiling limit. it's important to recognize that when we raise the debt ceiling all we are doing is keeping faith with what congress has already appropriated, what congress has already made clear we will spend on behalf of our country and all the various ways that the federal government operates. we cannot afford to have a situation like we had august before last where we dallied and we literally shot our economy and ourselves in the foot by not extending the debt ceiling. we saw one of the rating agencies lower our national rating; first time in history. there is a way to do this
. beyond the obvious of highways, support and airport we ought to be think about a energy infrastructure in this country and whether it serves our economy well. we have already seen some thoughtful suggestions from both sides of the aisle to take a look at that. but i was a when it comes to spending in the future, we need to be thoughtful about ways to fund infrastructure. i guess many of you saw mayor rahm emanuel's article result in the "washington post" on the same subject. secondly, in the area of education i wouldn't be here today without good education and opportunity created by the national defense education act. i want to give belated thanks to the soviets for launching sputnik and scaring the hell out of the u.s. economist because as result of it they created a loan program that got me into college law school. we can't give up on that. this kid from east st. louis illinois and for many others, these loans make a big difference whether it's pell grants or loans, but let's look at this honestly. 25% of the federal aid to education goes to for-profit schools. they have 12% of the s
on the united states because we still get a large part of our energy from the region. i traveled to azerbaijan an armenian in early september. and i also stopped in georgia and met with the president. when i talked to these leaders, iran was one of the things that came up at the very beginning, because they'll feel the influence and the aggressive attitude underneath cover so to speak of iran. in particular, i think azerbaijan feels a great deal of concern, and when i talked to the president, members of parliament and others, it was readily apparent to me that they thought that there ought to be closer ties between azerbaijan and the united states, and georgia, and hopefully armenia. because iran is really trying to destabilize or undermine those governments are we believe that is their long-term goal. iran has been involved in terrorism as we know for some time. it's partly unique in that area. we have seen the i-beam regime operating through organizations such as republican guard and employ such tactics around the globe including right here in washington, d.c. however, the proximity of the s
of course. so trying to -- china is a much interest in canadian energy and natural resources. we are very much interested in building trust, strategic trust and cooperation with china. and from enable perspective, of course, i'll give you one sort of anecdote. you were referring to this the islands, two months ago i attended the western pacific naval symposium hosted -- and have the opportunity to sit between the deputy commander of the people's liberation army navy, and the commander of the ambassadors japanese maritime self-defense force, a euphemism for the japanese navy. it was at a time when the island was leading on cnn and bbc. i thought as i was sitting between two them there's an opportunity for a canadian to do something extraordinary from an naval diplomatic perspective and put this thing to bed. [laughter] >> how did that go? >> not too well, not too well. [laughter] which is my point. i spoke with the chinese admirals interpreter. i spoke with admiral commander in english, a great conversation. but never was the bridge build or even considered. and i think one of the key issu
for canadian oil and energy generally that the iea is saying that the u.s. will be able to meet its own oil and gas means in a decade? do you worry about markets for canadian energy? >> everybody knows our view on keystone. it is not just a great project, but a great security project. it makes more sense to bring north american oil into the united states than venezuelan or far eastern or middle eastern oil. there is a process in the united states. the president will let the process play out he will make a decision. i accept him at his word on that. in the context of keystone, it has been a bit of an opportunity for this country to understand that we do need to sell our energy products outside the united states. canada is the most energy of funded country in the world. canada will be a significant supplier of the energy sources of the future. it makes no sense in a global economy that we are and for canada to sell all of its energy products furtively exclusively to its own marketer or to the u.s. energy -- people in the energy business understand that have to look for other opportunities. >>
-- it was that the energy crisis spike. we have spent a lot of time working on energy taxes or the alternative of energy taxes. .. >> debt is higher now than since world war, and 90% of the debt was owned to the americans, and the reason that the pressures don't seem as real as they are, and here, i want to be clear that the pressures are not next year and the year after. the pressures are between now and 2020 or even later is that europe has been in such a bad shape. that is, when you tie your monetary souls together and ignore your fiscal side, and when they get out, there's huge risks, but i would urge people in washington would not underestimate the price paid by the debt ceiling debacle of last year. it was not that we downgraded our debt and then our interest rates didn't change. that's a misreading. what happened is that the financial markets are spooked by the uncertainty in washington and by the belief to win anything no matter how stupid, and let us be clear, not raising the debt ceiling on the table again is as stupid a policy as anyone can imagine. the whole debt ceiling doesn't make sense,
and across the country and in terms of business where there is an issue with energy intensive industry the government announced the intention to exempt energy intensive industries from the cost of contract, differences and electricity market reform. that is subject to state aid clarence and further consultation but shows this government is working hard to help those industries and make sure they compete and succeed in britain. >> eleanor weighing. >> the house joined with the prime minister in congratulating the duke and duchess of cambridge done a good news. will promise to confirm the commonwealth heads up last agreed to change the rules on extension and bring before the house a bill very soon so that she can follow in the footsteps of her much love great-grandmother? and become our queen? >> very grateful to my hon. friend for her question. i can answer positively on all the points she made. at the third commonwealth conference i chaired a meeting of all prime ministers of different realms and agree we should bring forward legislation to deal with this issue. all of the roles have a
the route to the northwest. >> thank you, mr. speaker. new energy finance demonstrated investment in renewable energy has fallen by a half since this government came to power. would the chancellor not agree with me that what we need is to look to the future and to invest in the green jobs? and to that end, will be see to it, the 2030 decarbonization target in the energy bill -- companies in this country and recommended by the climate change committee? >> well, the first thing i would say is that this government has introduced -- making investmen investments, introducing the carbon price goal which is recognized around the world as a very effective way of ensuring a decarbonization market driven way of our economy, and we've just published an energy bill and to let the control framework that would allow for new renewable investment to the rest of this decade. the industry has that, alongside the cast strategy. on the decarbonization target, as they say we're going to take a power in the bill to set a target but that would be a decision for after the next carbon budget which happens
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bills. .. >> the entry of the energy bill to parliament now means we can get out there and sell to all of the energy companies the very clear and stable framework that the u.k. has for offshore wind, for nuclear, for renewables and, indeed, for gas. i think it's a very positive development, there's a huge amount of potential, pent-up investment, and we need to make sure that results in british jobs and apprenticeships, and the government is fully committed to making that happen. >> [inaudible] pruitt. >> the prime minister obviously believes within the leveson report, there exists something that is bonkers. how would the prime minister give the views of his planning minister who has said tens of thousands of new homes will have to be built on greenfield sites. >> i think it is absolutely clear, yes, we should build on brownfield land, yes, we should try and deal with the problem of empty homes, but we do have to have a conversation about the need to build more flats and more houses, where we don't have the current situation we have where if you don't have the help of mom and dad, peopl
-- he fight for green energy and hand that to the contributors. he's fight for high speed rail and hand to the contributors. he produced a guy i can't bailout at gm. he would support the democratic contributors and bankrupt the united states of america. that's exactly what happened. the prediction was made before he put his hand on the bible. he's done anything i say he would do. there were two professors who just left when we got there. the only two guys in the country talk about this. me and glen beck. i said in the beginning they had a theory in order to destroy the country and wipe out capitalism so you to elect somebody willing to cut the afro and put on a gorgeous silk tie. a beautiful family, tell everyone he's not divider. how fair he is and helps to the middle class and overwhelm the system with debt. explode the system with debt and entitlement and get torch the knees begging government to save them. every step of the way. watch it that's what barack obama has done. he pulled the professor in front of the nation and no one stopped him. i have been saying it every step of the w
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think it has a lot of energy behind it. the bill coming out of committee with a good, strong bipartisan support is going to strength in the coalition, strengthened the effort. i agree that there needs to be more discussion of this legislation. there needs to be hearings early next year. but i think we have a good starting point now in a good place from which to move forward. >> host: konrad motyka, how often in your job to use the e-mail searches or cell phone searches? >> guest: my primary experience has been in the investigation of organized crime and narcotics. i personally haven't made tremendous use of that as a tool in that particular arena. so i don't want to put myself out there someone who uses it all the time. if i could address briefly what was said earlier, law-enforcement law-enforcement concerns are threat to the debate fairly late. i am hard and as mr. nojeim said that there's a consensus to take a look and address it and that's law-enforcement concerns will be taken into account, based on some of the discussion occurred between members of the parties. i'm certainly happy
billion in federal subsidies with more than half of those subsidies available to the energy sector, we have -- to bring that together we spend more and when you're with the oil and gas and energy companies and their industries than we have spent an entire in the entire life of the program of amtrak. clearly there seems to be an imbalance and it's not one that should be continued. regarding the position of high-speed rail, one of those alternatives and now it may only achieves speeds achieve speeds of 83 miles per hour. surely that is significantly better than the long delays of sprawling major interstate systems that we have. this committee should continue the the to the role is a very sad to facilitate critical of the structure and the continuation of one of america's greatest assets and that is passenger rail. i want to thank all the witnesses before the committee today and i look forward to hearing your testimony about how the reorganization of amtrak can make it an even greater service to the american public and with that i yield back. >> i think the gentlelady. >> the thank you mr
, to bring that together, we have spent more than one year in the energy industry than we have spent an entire life of the program of amtrak. clearly, there seems to be an imbalance and it's not one that should be continued. regarding the vision of high-speed rail, but amtrak services, one of those alternatives. it may only achieve the average of 83 miles per hour, along the nec, and surely that is definitely better than the long delays of major interstate systems that we have. this committee should consider the role to facilitate the development of critical infrastructure and the continuation of one of america's greatest assets, and that is passenger rail. i would like to thank all the witnesses before the committee today. i look forward to hearing your testimony about how the reorganization of amtrak, can be done to make it a greater service. >> thank you, mr. chairman. >> we have three of the top five business quarters in our california area. two of them are supported totally by the state. pacific shoreline, 2.8 million. i will be looking at that very closely. it has a 2.8 millio
. the news out of iran is dire. just this week, the director of the international atomic energy administration told the press that iran has not slowed its enrichment activities. the international atomic energy administration also suspects that iran has conducted live tests of conventional explosives that could be used to detonate a nuclear weapon at the military base, the facility the iranians have denied access to by the international atomic energy administration. between may and august of this year, iran doubled the number of centrifuges at its fortified facility buried deep inside a mountain to protect it against strikes. iran now has over 2,140 centrifuges for enriching uranium, and it continues to enrich to 20%. iran claims it needs this higher grade uranium for its peaceful nuclear program, but a country with peaceful ambitions doesn't enrich uranium in defiance of u.n. security council resolutions. it doesn't refuse to disclose its operations. it doesn't hide them inside a mountain. a peaceful nation doesn't breach the international inspections regime compelled by the nuc
to the senate and i think we were moving to cloture on a bill after eight days spent debating energy legislation in 2003. our member senator dorgan say what's the rush? we've only been on the bill for eight days. i remember cracking up just eight hours is a long time in the house. so you're right about the leverage of time is the enemy. but that leverages used to affect changes to the legislation because the obstructionists save us make this change and then i'll get back time. it is just yet that makes on the thursday and friday. whenever we had a recess, we suddenly had a flurry of the city because everybody wanted to become more accommodating. time is an important matter we have not ignored. >> output or audience -- [inaudible] would like to ask the first question? >> you seem surprised at the number of filibusters where you have nothing to do with anything other than to not relate it back to the ongoing mess in facility at executives to reach out to the minority party? >> actually, you can take it back to the last two years of the bush administration when the number shot up dramatically as we
employees and shareholders. the energy bills provide renewable energy and we publish our gas strategy today to make sure that we make the best use of lower-cost gas power, including new sources of gas and went and we consenting the creation of a single office of regulation. we don't want families and businesses to be left behind as gas prices come on the other side of the atlantic. [cheers] we are going to help our construction industry as well. the last government abolished property release. my humble friends, the members of the southwest and others show that this has blighted development in our towns and cities. the proposal for my colleagues, that we create a long grace. for newly completed buildings, it is a sensible one. and we will introduce it next october. the previous government also plans to increase the small companies tax rates 22%, and we have cut it to 20%. unlike the small and medium-size firms, i want to thank my honorable friend for their help in this area. starting on the first of january and for the next two years. i am therefore going to increase by 10 fold in the annual
he never justifies his sweeping statement, remarking only that she had unbounded energy and was as courageous as custer himself both characterizations are nonsense." >> guest: yes, that's true. libby was not as courageous as custer. libby was terribly frightened of thunderstorms and hid under the bed whenever there was thunder. custer was known for his exceptional courage, leading his men into battle. i don't see that you can really make that comparison. but more than that, it seems to me a foolish comparison. ultimately ambrose is saying that libby wasted her life being the wife and then widow of george armstrong custer, that had she been born a boy, he says, she might have risen to the very top of society. i think that's speculative, and there's no real basis for knowing what libby's life would have been like. but i think it's insulting to the life that she did very consciously choose for herself. she did not regard being george armstrong custer's widow as some sort of lesser thing. she regarded it as a very honorable occupation. and when you consider that women simply
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to inject some energy at the right place at the right time. so next up here will be senator sam nunn, longstanding chairman in senate armed services, who understands our country and our national security as well or better than anyone i have ever worked with. senator none -- senator nunn? [applause] >> well, first, thanks to pete peterson for getting this group together and for so much else that pete and michael and the peterson foundation have done in terms of bringing attention to the fiscal challenge we face and mobilizing support for a rational and sane fiscal policy. second, admiral mullen, thank you for your tremendous leadership both in the military and as a citizen in the recent months. you have led the way, and your statement that basically the biggest risk that we have to national security is our debt and our unsustainable fiscal policy is one that i totally endorse and agree with, and i commend you for making it, because your impact is very powerful. so that's my, really my first point. my second point is that even if we avoid the short-term debt crisis, the so-called cliff
for military construction, and for defense activities of the department of energy, to prescribe military personnel strengths for such fiscal year, and for other purposes, shall be brought to a close? the yeas and nays are mandatory under the rule. the clerk will call the roll. vote: vote: the presiding officer: are there any senators wishing to vote or to change their vote? seeing none, on this vote, the yeas are 93, the nays are 0. 3/5 of the senators duly chosen and sworn having voted in the affirmative, the motion is agreed to. the senator from michigan. without objection. mr. levin: madam president? the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. the presiding officer: the senator from michigan. mr. levin: madam president, i call up a list of 13 amendments which have been cleared by myself and senator mccain -- coats amendment number 2923 as modified by changes at the desk, webb amendment numbered 2943, casey amendment numbered 2997 as modified by changes at the desk, cardin amendment numbered 3023, wicker amendment numbered 3121 as modified by changes at the desk, portman amendmen
a little bit. if you look at the percentage of investment, the exploration production of energy is very heavily involved, it is a very expensive item, and their profits are five to 8% on what they actually invest. microsoft and intel are much more profitable and they pay less in taxes than the percentage of the total revenue. so, people always focus on the gas prices. look at your heating bill. the natural gas movement brought down the price of natural gas about 80% of what we produce in terms of my state. it's about a quarter of what it was three years ago. that isn't always a good deal for the american people. it's actually bringing the industry back. this industry which is often vilified quite frankly is the one that is generating more jobs, more income, more opportunity than almost any other sector and it isn't as profitable as the high-tech. >> host: nelson in colorado springs. >> caller: i think the bush tax cut -- has anyone tried to calculate the amount of money that the economy lost when the tax cuts were putting place only 2% of the rich but you can't continue to pay the same
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energy plan on the floor, protected social security, advanced so many other issues. in my opinion, to o'neill was the albert einstein of politics. he knew what it took in order to make this institution work. he knew what it took to reach across the aisle, find people with good will and make this chamber work and advance the agenda for this country so for me it is an honor to be here because buildings as we named them also embody that person and it is my hope as people walk in and out of this building for the twenty-first century that they think about who tip o'neill was, they think about how much he loved political war but at the same time brought his own personal want to that so it was not separated here on the house floor. it is my hope that naming this building, perhaps this process, this great institution can be animated by his great legacy and i yield back the balance of my time. >> the gentleman yield back. the gentleman from california reserves. the gentleman from massachusetts. >> no more speakers. i would like to close by thanking those members who spoke on behalf of mr. o'neil
energy and oil and operation in themselves in particular and this is the entrepreneurial type. and these are the characteristics which allow the entrepreneurs to achieve great things and also to go broke. this great quote in tom's book about a long history of success is the biggest precursor to tell you think about what the successful entrepreneur has learned. he learned when i have all of these helpers' around, it is too risky. whenever work. how does he look at all these advisers and the entrepreneur is, we have to ask ourselves what happens to the dialectic, the entrepreneur and banker. when the entrepreneurs take over the banks. this is the point he was making. when this entrepreneur real tank takes over the bank which is supposed to be the risk averse, cynical, worried about risk tight, what do you get? you might get a bubble. what can you do? then you have to reproduce this dialectic, the optimists or the pessimists or the i can do anything versus the warrior, focus your on risk, reproduce this with discussion inside the bank, or between the bank and others, and tom's bo
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schumer of new york join the debate energy on may 10, 2005 but the basic makeup of our senate is take. checks and balances that americans prize at stake. the idea of bipartisanship or you come together and you can't just ran everything through because you have a narrow majority is at stake. the very things we treasure in love about this grand republic are at stake. senator dick durbin argued in april 2005, those who would attack and destroy the institution of the filibuster attack the forces in the senate that creates compromise and bipartisanship. an event in 2005 april 25th at 2005 called the threat to our system of checks and balances with the keynote speech by the late senator robert c. byrd of west virginia. he said it's a long history filibuster that preceded our republic he said in may 53 years in congress never seen a matter that came before the congress come before the senate or the house as a matter of fact it is a dangerous conservative mainstream, so radical as this one. abstract type six and form although not known as filibusters ancient origin. while caesar was in spain,
. you know, they have staffs, and they work at it aggressively. i'm older. i have less energy. >> tell us something about the obama white house that we don't know. >> oh. what does obama think of mitt romney? you know, what does he really think, and i think he feels that romney is incompetent because he didn't run a better campaign. i suspect a theme in the coverage of the campaign is going to be that romney never found a way, the message or the theme of how to run against obama where he thought it would be easy. >> what is the one thing you want to know about president obama that you don't? >> i did ask this, i didn't put it in the book, but he keeps a diary. i'd like to have access. [laughter] >> assume that -- >> and he said, do you keep a diary? yes, oh, not on all the detail kind of, and i, you know, come on, let's see it. so i'm sure there will be an interesting memoir. >> what did he tell you about the diary? >> that it existed. no detail. he didn't offer any of it or read from it or anything like that. is it dictated? is it written? who, you know, reagan kept his diary secret.
. i look at my own state of north dakota. we're doing amazing things with energy. as a matter of fact, we're hot on the trail of the state of texas when it comes to oil development. we're after you. i'm telling you. but do you know what it's going to take? it's going to take continued development of the technologies that not only help us produce more energy but help us do it with good environmental stewardship. and what we are talking about is making sure that when we have the engineers and the scientists and the technicians and the mathematicians that graduate from our great universities with doctorate and master's degrees, they can stay here and help us do it here rather than have it done somewhere else in some other country that then gets ahead of the united states. and i still go back to this will help us solve the fundamental challenges we face today, which is getting this economy growing so we get people back to work and creating the reason to help us with our deficit and our debt. with that, i yield back to the esteemed senator from texas. mr. cornyn: could i ask how much time
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to cloture on the bill after eight days on energy legislation in 2003. i remember senator dorgan say what's the rush? we've only been on the hill for eight days? i remember cracking up. eight hours was a long time and after so you're right about the leverage of time. but that leverage its use to affect changes in legislation because essentially let's have a mandate, but said this change and then i will get back time. [inaudible] how can you think it thursday and friday and have a recess? whenever we had a recess we had a flurry of activity because everybody wanted to get out of time. time is an important lever. spent now will go to our audience. who would like to ask the first question? [inaudible] you seem surprised at the number of filibusters we've had in four years. do you not relate it back to the in transit and unwillingness ability to reach out to the minority party? >> actually, you can take it back to the last two years of the bush administration when it shot up dramatically as well. so it's not simply a barack obama phenomenon. but i don't. what we see both from my own work insi
this coalition and those who are not here today, have brought together to try to inject energy and the right place at the right time. next up will be senator sam nunn, a long-standing chairman of the senate armed services who understands our country and our national security, as well or better than anyone i have ever seen. [applause] >> thank you to pete peterson for getting a group together and for so much else that he and michael peterson foundation have done in terms of bringing attention to the fiscal challenge that we face today. in mobilizing support for a rational and sane fiscal policy. second, admiral mike mullen, thank you for your tremendous leadership both in the military and as a citizen and a reason leader. you have led the way with the biggest risk that we have of national security, and our unsustainable fiscal policy. one that i totally endorse or agree with, and i commend you for making it because your impact is very powerful. that is my first point. my second point is that even if we avoid short-term debt crisis, the so-called fiscal cliff, and i hope that we will, the debt
desired energy-efficient goals and so forth. mrs. hagan: i ask unanimous consent the bill be read three times and passed, the motion to reconsider be laid on the table with no intervening action or debate and any statements related to the bill be placed in the record at the appropriate place as if read. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. hagan: i ask unanimous consent that the senate now proceed to the consideration of s. 3666 which was submitted earlier today. the presiding officer: without objection. the clerk will report. the clerk: s. 3666, a bill to amend the animal welfare act to modify the definition of exhibit or. the presiding officer: is there objection to proceeding with the measure? the presiding without objection. mrs. hagan: i ask unanimous consent that the bill be read a third time and passed, the motions to reconsider to be considered made and laid on the table with no intervening action or debate and that any statements relating to the measure be printed at the appropriate place in the record as if read. the presiding officer: without objection. mrs. hagan:
, because this is something we haven't done before. now, energy and agriculture are doing it currently. this is a function that -- yesterday i stood on the floor and talked about you were kind of taking over the responsibility of the department of energy. we're trying to make the decisions as to how we're going to do this. should we be developing the progress of the -- of the biofuels which we are doing in the state of oklahoma without any federal government assistance or should we be defending america with these dollars? now, energy, yes, they're going to spend money on this. the department of agriculture currently is spending money on it, but we have not been doing it. i notice and i can understand this that the occupier of the chair, the author of this amendment from north carolina, i'm reading now from one of the web sites from the newspaper there saying a private company backed by the u.s. department of agriculture will build 130 million biofuel refineries in sampson county, an estimated 300 jobs. they go ahead and talk about what they may be doing through the department of defens
think we have to become more smarter and efficient with the resources. whether money, energy, time, motion associated with every single component of the educational institution. given the reality, every single component of the educational institution has to be evaluated based on what the return on investment of educational dollars including football. okay. so how do you do that? the way you do that is we have to go to the justification we have been using as been century. you have primary justification laws. part of it was to socialize in immigrant work force. the other major part of it is the great industrialist turn of the century were interested in football as a way to train work force for the industrial economy. they weren't folks who were physically fit. took direction, were obedient, there wasn't much room for lot ofy thinking on ate semibelie line. okay is it primary justification -- we no long -- [inaudible] okay. the other justification that we have used for years and i do believe this justification is that football is a way -- it's an educational tool bilged character. jus
energy and commerce committee. science is clear. cutting carbon emissions over the long term is key to reducing the risk of extreme weather. so i thank you for the opportunity to testify, and look forward to working together to help our fellow americans feel from hurricanes and, to ensure that we're all better prepared for similar storms of the future. thank you so much. >> thank you represented. and i would go -- welcome. >> thank you, madam chairman. very much appreciate the invitation to speak before this committee today. i am very proud to represent staten island and brooklyn. staten island was one of the hardest hit areas of all new york city. i was on the ground from the moment the storm started. the amount of devastation that i saw was unimaginable. 24 staten islanders lost their lives. families lost everything. homes were literally torn off their foundations. some collapsed. large boats, yachts were scattered deepened the neighborhoods piled up on two peoples homes. more than 100,000 were without power for weeks. people slept in a cold, damp home, and for his of to move to a
on energy and environment and education that the president had a vision for where america needs to be in this new century where we've got rising competition in china and germany and india and if we're going to have an american century we cannot come in second place to those countries in technology of the future. and i think that played an important role. there was a sense that the obama vision was one that they thought better suited this moment in our country's history. and there is no question on social issues whether it's women's healthcare or immigration. there was asset of issues that for younger voters was important to think about the kind of country and kind of president they wanted representing them. so on all those questions people wrestled carefully. i think that's why ultimately enough people in enough battleground states chose the president to continue this journey we're on. quickly in terms of demoggrafi. we don't know this for sure but we could be seeing different elections in on years and off years. the election in 2014 is going to be different than presidential le
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